What to eat at Jewel Changi Airport



Jewel Changi International Airport has just opened, and as one of Asia’s best airports for travelers, it never disappoints with so many offerings that they have on their roof. It welcomed hordes of Singaporeans who are very eager to see what their beloved airport has to offer, from its wide selection of shops and stores for duty-free shopping to the fantastic amenities that you will never find in other airports.


One of its charming points is its diverse array of food selections, which span many different cuisines, dietary limits, and religious considerations. In Jewel Changi International Airport, everyone can eat in harmony, with many offerings for the most discriminating tastes.


This article will tell you what to eat at Jewel in Changi Airport that you will never regret.


Kam’s Roast


Its outlet in Jewel in Changi Airport is the restaurant’s second outlet in Singapore, after opening its first branch in Pacific Plaza to lots of fanfare.


If you want to take the tasty meats of this restaurant in the skies while you travel, their branch in the airport offers a Roast Duck Travel Pack. Priced at $60 up, you can munch on their mouthwatering roast duck dishes while you travel. You will never be homesick when you have Kam’s Roast with you whenever you fly out of the country.

Tim Howan


Yes, this famous Chinese restaurant has opened a branch in Jewel in Changi, making it the first-ever outlet in any airport worldwide.


Here, you can find a dish that you can only buy in this specific branch. You can only purchase and taste the Hong Kong Wonton Mee in this branch and nowhere else. Made from the freshest noodles flown in every day from Hong Kong, this heartwarming dish also boasts of its dumplings that are fresh and made from scratch.


It looks like you will have another reason to visit Jewel in Changi Airport.


A&W Restaurant


This restaurant has successfully returned to the country after 16 years, and many people welcomed it with open arms who share nostalgic memories with this restaurant back then.


Even though they are known for their delicious items, the Mozza Burger is the absolute favorite in this restaurant. The burger has a juicy beef patty on it, and to make things even more unique, they used mozzarella cheese instead of cheddar, making it a sinfully delightful dish everyone should try.


Our Takeaway


Of course, there are many different restaurants and food stalls open in Jewel in Changi Airport, so you will have endless choices on what to eat and nice places to eat at Jewel in Changi. The airport has never ceased to amaze us with its state-of-the-art offerings. Why leave the country when you can experience a gastronomical trip worldwide with these restaurant offerings?

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