What Makes for a Reliable Tax Advisor in Singapore?



The Singapore tax advisory service provides a way for foreign entities to plan their tax affairs and comply with Singapore’s tax requirements. The service includes both an annual review of the client’s tax situation and a specific report (including proposals) in response to a particular proposal, inquiry or request by the client.

The team liaises with clients from all over the world, both small and large companies, individual taxpayers and corporations.

The Tax Advisory provides advice on tax matters in accordance with international tax standards. The firm addresses the client’s specific needs and questions on their tax situation. Special attention is given to a company’s business model and financial situation.

The firm has expertise in international tax planning, both for individuals and companies. The firm’s goal is to ensure that the client receives the lowest possible effective tax rate on income, capital or profits received and to maintain a favorable investment location.

Reliable tax advisory in Singapore has a large number of international clients and an equally large number of experts with high quality experience in international tax planning. The strength of the service is in its creativity since the firm maintains one of the largest teams in the world.

Tax Advisory charges an hourly fee based on the following:

  • The initial one to one consultation with a Tax Adviser (both location dependent) at $250 USD + GST per hour. Additional hours charged at $450 USD + GST per hour.
  • An annual review with a Tax Adviser at $2,500 USD + GST per year. This service includes an initial meeting with the adviser and subsequent review of the client’s tax status typically 4 times a year at $595 USD + GST per hour.


Due to the constantly changing nature of the global tax system, there is no fixed schedule for annual reviews as they are handled on a case-by-case basis. The Annual Review discussion depends on specific facts and circumstances of each individual client.

The firm is a member of the Association of Tax Consultants, Singapore and the International Fiscal Association.

The firm has a detailed range of taxation experts who can provide advice to clients on the following areas:

  • International tax planning;
  • Taxation planning and compliance;
  • Transfer pricing and allocation;
  • Non-resident withholding tax;
  • Capital gains tax;
  • Administrative procedures in fiscal matters, such as filing of income tax returns, payment surcharge, etc.

The firm is a member of the Professional Tax Consultants group, a service provider organization belonging to the Association of Tax Consultants.

The firm has a satellite office in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong office is in a well-established customer-orientated business district close to the financial services industry. The office provides all the same services as its Singapore office in addition to taxation advice provided by experienced Hong Kong tax advisors.

The firm has its own specialized global network of tax advisers, with offices from Asia to Europe and in the Middle East. The firm also cooperates with specialists from other IFA member firms.

The Singapore office is located at Raffles Place, Singapore’s largest business district. The location is a 15-minute walk to the Singapore Riverfront – an ideal scenic location for a meeting.

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