How to find the best nazal decongestant in Singapore



Nazal decongestant is a drug that helps decrease or stop the production of mucus and fluid in your nose. It is also useful in treating a condition called chronic sinusitis, which is a chronic inflammation of your sinuses lasting at least 2 weeks. This article will discuss what nazal decongestant in Singapore is, how it can be used to treat some conditions, as well as when it should not be used and what are the associated side effects for each condition with this medication.

How to find the best nazal decongestant

1. Know the symptoms of your condition

There are many conditions that can cause you to experience a blocked nose. When you visit your doctor, the first step is to determine what the underlying cause of your blocked nose is. Once you determine whether it is because of allergies, viral infection or cold, it will be much easier for your doctor to set up a treatment plan that will solve your problem fast. In most cases, nazal decongestant are prescribed as preventatives, in case you get a cold or begin sneezing excessively. If you feel like a cold is coming on, ask your doctor if he can prescribe some nazal decongestant to take in advance before the symptoms begin.

2. Examine your nose

When you visit your doctor if you have a blocked nose, the first step is to get a complete history. Your doctor will want to know if you have ever been exposed to an illness or condition that could cause sinus infection, such as the common cold, or if you have ever had an allergic reaction. If you answer yes to either of these questions, it’s a good idea for your doctor to recommend oral nazal decongestant from now on as preventative treatment until further findings are made.

3. Examine your nose

Once your doctor knows which condition you have, he sometimes orders a nazal X-ray. This will allow your doctor to determine whether the mucus in your nose is coming from the sinuses in your nose, from the back of your throat or from somewhere else entirely. In other cases, you may be required to try some preventative medications until a specific cause has been identified. The main thing that determines what medication or treatment you need is to find out what causes your blocked nose. Once this has been determined, it will be easy for your doctor to prescribe a specific treatment plan that will help solve the problem easily and quickly.

4. Consider your side effects

The most common side effect that is associated with nazal decongestant is a sore throat. Most people think that this medication helps to clear their nasal passage, but it can also open up the passageway in your throat, which will cause you to experience pharyngitis. This happens in less than 5% of cases where oral nazal decongestant in Singapore is prescribed. If you have been experiencing headache, nausea or vomiting while taking the medication, inform your doctor right away. This can help him make a diagnosis and find out what’s causing this condition.

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