How to Find the Best HR Company for You in Singapore



HR and HR leaders are playing a more strategic role in many organisations. Companies are realising the importance of having their HR function act as their partner, rather than an overhead department that handles admin or operational tasks. Increasing digitalisation, automation and AI have also emphasised adopting new HR technologies and processes to support employees. There is a growing demand for strategic HR services that drive performance and innovation from blue-collar to white-collar industries. There has been a proliferation of specialist consultancies in this space. Given a large number of vendors out there, how do you find the best award winning HR company in Singapore?

What to Look for in a Good Award Winning HR Company

You can find a good HR company by looking for the following:

-Find out how long they’ve been in business.

-Check their clients and see what industries they serve.

-Ask for referrals from your trusted sources.

-Check their social media pages to see if they are transparent and interactive with their audience.

-Do they have a clear vision of their brand?

After all, it is necessary that you share a common goal with your service provider. If you are looking for an HR company in Singapore who will not only provide you with services but also help you grow your business, then make sure that the company’s values align with yours and that they will be able to provide the right kind of branding strategy for your needs. These are just some of the factors to consider when choosing an HR service provider in Singapore.

Ensure You’re Working with a Reputable Company

To ensure you’re working with a reputable HR company in Singapore, look out for their credentials. Are they an award winning HR company? Have they won any awards or recognitions, such as being named the best in the industry? Next, consider the type of services and solutions they offer. Do they have experience in your industry? Do they provide a range of HR services? Lastly, see what others think about them. Ask your current or former employees if they would recommend this company to you. You can also check reviews online and find out what other clients have experienced with this organisation.

Check the Services Offered

A good HR company in Singapore should offer a comprehensive suite of services that address your organisation’s needs. A consultative approach is key to achieving sustainable results and long-term success. HR services offered by an award-winning company typically include recruitment, training, benefits management and administration, compensation planning and transformation, and succession planning. It’s also vital for an award-winning HR company to have specialists in areas like HR strategy, process design and development, change management, organisational development and performance management.

Culture and People

Before you start looking for the best HR company in Singapore, it’s critical to understand what type of culture and people you want to work with. For example, some companies may prefer an HR company that values innovation and agility over experience. A good HR partner should also be able to help your organisation evolve and grow – a partner who will invest in your success is key. It can be a challenge selecting the right award winning HR company that matches your requirements.

HR Technology Assessment

A good place to start is an HR technology assessment. This will help you understand your current needs and identify the gaps that need to be addressed. An HR technology assessment will also help you make a more informed decision on which vendor or vendors to engage for services.


Finding the right HR company for your company can be difficult. But if you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to locate the best in the business. Start by ensuring you’re working with a reputable company— this will give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right partner. Also consider their services, and assess the HR technology they offer.

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