Aero Credit Pte. Ltd is a licensed moneylender offering payday loans



Reason for loan

Often a person will require money for some urgent payment like medical expenses, utility bills, or vehicle repairs. Non-payment of the amount due can lead to penalties, termination of service or worsening health conditions. Taking loans from banks is usually a time consuming process since take a long time to process the loan application. Hence many people, especially young people with less savings are interested in finding a reliable company like Aero Credit which offers urgent payday loans in Singapore who can help them during a financial emergency


Company profile

Aero Credit Pte Ltd is one of most reputed companies offering instant payday loans Singapore. The company is a licensed moneylender and has extensive experience in offering all kinds of loans to both businesses and individuals. They realize that many people require small amounts of money due to unexpected financial emergencies. Hence they offer payday loans to employees quickly and conveniently without considering the credit score, at rates which are fair and without any hidden charges, so that the borrower can overcome the financial crisis.


Loan approval

For applying for a loan, the employee should provide details of the business where he is working, his personal contact details and the loan amount. Aero Credit will verify the information provided including terms of employment and then approve the application if it conforms to the terms. In many cases, the payday loan application is approved immediately, so that the borrower can access the funds immediately. One of the main criteria for approving the loan is whether the salary is sufficient to repay the loan amount, since the loan repayment will usually be deducted directly from the salary. Since Aero credit is a licensed money lender, borrowers will get their loan at reasonable terms.


Contact methods.

Employees who wish to get a payday loan immediately can choose from multiple options like

– contacting Aero credit on the phone number provided. The employee can discuss the payday loan with the loan officer, to get the loan he requires.

– WhatsApp can also be used to contact the loan officer, and discuss the payday loan requirement.

– Aero credit also has an online enquiry form, which the loan applicant can use for sending his query regarding the payday loan. In the form, he should mention whether he wishes to be contacted on phone or email. Instead of spending time visiting the office, it is advisable to use the online form to get the query resolved quickly and conveniently. In particular employees can get information about whether they are eligible for payday loans, and the amount which they can borrow using the contact form. During the covid-19 pandemic, the office timings are restricted so working online is the preferred option.



So as long as the salary or paycheck of the employee is sufficient to repay the payday loan by the next payday, employees can contact the licensed moneylender Aero credit, and get the urgent loan they require.

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