What Makes for a Reliable Tax Advisor in Singapore?

The Singapore tax advisory service provides a way for foreign entities to plan their tax affairs and comply with Singapore’s tax requirements. The service includes both an annual review of the client’s tax situation and a specific report (including proposals) in response to a particular proposal, inquiry or request by the client.

The team liaises with clients from all over the world, both small and large companies, individual taxpayers and corporations.

The Tax Advisory provides advice on tax matters in accordance with international tax standards. The firm addresses the client’s specific needs and questions on their tax situation. Special attention is given to a company’s business model and financial situation.

The firm has expertise in international tax planning, both for individuals and companies. The firm’s goal is to ensure that the client receives the lowest possible effective tax rate on income, capital or profits received and to maintain a favorable investment location.

Reliable tax advisory in Singapore has a large number of international clients and an equally large number of experts with high quality experience in international tax planning. The strength of the service is in its creativity since the firm maintains one of the largest teams in the world.

Tax Advisory charges an hourly fee based on the following:

  • The initial one to one consultation with a Tax Adviser (both location dependent) at $250 USD + GST per hour. Additional hours charged at $450 USD + GST per hour.
  • An annual review with a Tax Adviser at $2,500 USD + GST per year. This service includes an initial meeting with the adviser and subsequent review of the client’s tax status typically 4 times a year at $595 USD + GST per hour.


Due to the constantly changing nature of the global tax system, there is no fixed schedule for annual reviews as they are handled on a case-by-case basis. The Annual Review discussion depends on specific facts and circumstances of each individual client.

The firm is a member of the Association of Tax Consultants, Singapore and the International Fiscal Association.

The firm has a detailed range of taxation experts who can provide advice to clients on the following areas:

  • International tax planning;
  • Taxation planning and compliance;
  • Transfer pricing and allocation;
  • Non-resident withholding tax;
  • Capital gains tax;
  • Administrative procedures in fiscal matters, such as filing of income tax returns, payment surcharge, etc.

The firm is a member of the Professional Tax Consultants group, a service provider organization belonging to the Association of Tax Consultants.

The firm has a satellite office in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong office is in a well-established customer-orientated business district close to the financial services industry. The office provides all the same services as its Singapore office in addition to taxation advice provided by experienced Hong Kong tax advisors.

The firm has its own specialized global network of tax advisers, with offices from Asia to Europe and in the Middle East. The firm also cooperates with specialists from other IFA member firms.

The Singapore office is located at Raffles Place, Singapore’s largest business district. The location is a 15-minute walk to the Singapore Riverfront – an ideal scenic location for a meeting.

5 Tips for Buying a Printer

Remote working or embarking on a new business venture is challenging as you need new office equipment like the printer. Finding the right printer for the business is difficult, and you would consider the business-specific needs, budget restrictions, and office space. You can consult experts such as https://www.logicode.com.sg/brands/zebra/, to find the right printer which meets your needs. These printer buying tips might help you when buying the next equipment.

Evaluate the Printer Needs

You should consider the business type before choosing a specific printer; your printer should meet the daily operations. For instance, if the business involves heavy printing, you would go for the commercial printers, which allow multiple users to connect at a specific time. You may wish to buy an all-in-one device beyond standard printing. The all-in-one device makes it easy to scan print work and send and receive faxes. You might need a high-quality display for administrative printing.

Think About Longevity

Even when operating on a budget, it would be better to save money for purchasing the printer as you would want a machine that lasts longer and offer reduced costs in the long run. Thus you should not buy the first printer you find within the operating budget, as it may not offer the desired longevity. You may also find out how easy it is to set up the printer, the ink costs, and other additional costs.

Check the Office Space

You would want to buy a printer suitable for a given office space. Thus, you can buy a small printer if you use it in a small office or a home office. You can map the office space and how you want to arrange everything before buying the printer as it will help you choose the right size to avoid future regrets.

Consider the Ink Type

The business printing need will impact the ink type, and you would consider the ink before buying the printer. You can go for the two ink cartridge, which offers the black and all-in-one color cartridge. On the other hand, the four ink cartridges have separated for cyan, yellow and black colors, while inkwells use refillable wells to print the materials.

The Wireless Connection

You may choose the convenient connectivity for your office; consider where you are printing from and which devices you would connect to the printer. All printers have wired connectivity, and some can connect to the computer via the USB port. Moreover, advanced printers offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You may find others that connect to Google and Apple Cloud Print. You would choose Bluetooth connectivity for printing from the phone or laptop and choose the Wi-Fi connectivity, which supports remote printing when you are far from the office.

Final Thoughts

When buying a printer, you need adequate knowledge; you may consider the business type and the printing needs. For a business that requires heavy printing, you would opt for commercial printers. However, regular printers would function well for home offices and offices that don’t need heavy printing. Moreover, you might consider the office space to avoid buying huge printers which will take up the whole office space. Good luck finding the printer which meets your needs.

SEO Singapore is a cost effective way to increase orders

Global SEO

SEO Singapore helps businesses in Singapore increases leads and orders

All business owners in Singapore would like to increase the number of leads and orders that they generate from their business website. While paid advertising can generate some leads it is usually fairly expensive for most businesses, since the conversion rate is low. A more cost effective option for generating leads and orders is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO agency is specializing in SEO Singapore can help a website in ranking well in major search engines like google, bing,baidu, yahoo, so that it will get more traffic, which will convert into leads, orders.

How SEO Singapore helps in ranking

The search engines claim that they are ranking their websites in the order of their importance. These search engines are using a large number of parameters in their algorithm to determine the relevance of a website for a particular keyword which is being searched. Approximately two hundred different parameters are used by some of the major search engines, who are changing their algorithm periodically. To improve the ranking of their clients, SEO agency has specialized teams for technical SEO, content and copy writing, and offsite optimization of the Singapore business website.

SEO singapore for different businesses

SEO agency understands that the SEO Singapore results which businesses are looking for will differ based on the business model. Ecommerce websites which are selling products, will be interested in getting more orders, customers who directly order from their website. On the other hand, service providers like painters, plumbers, locksmiths are more interested in getting leads, in the form of phone calls or emails using the contact form. So based on what the business is looking for, SEO agency will do onsite and offsite optimization for the client website.

Cost of SEO Singapore

Singapore businesses would like to find out how much SEO Singapore will cost, so that they can budget for it. There are many factors which determine how much SEO will cost the business. One of the main factors is the level of competition. In some industry sectors, like web-hosting which are sold online only, online retailers or legal services, there is usually a lot of competition, so it is more difficult for the business website to rank well. Hence global SEO services will be more expensive. In other sectors, like groceries, there is less competition, so a business will have to spend less for SEO.

Results for SEO Singapore

Unlike online advertising, it will usually take some time for the ranking of a website to improve after SEO Singapore. While new websites may take a longer time to rank well, it will take most websites at least ninety days to show some improvement in the search results. It is easier for SEO agency to improve the ranking for well established brands and companies by doing technical SEO. One of the main advantages of doing SEO to improve the ranking of a website, is that even if the client is unable to pay for the SEO service for a few months, the business website will continue to get visitors from search engines at no additional cost. In contrast, for paid advertising, the website will not get any visitors if the advertising is stopped for some time.